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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rat Talks

Awkward was the best to describe the ride. Although she didn't say anything to me I can senses that she is trouble of what happened and of what she heard. I cannot blame her and I totally understand. My point is that before you jump into conclusions and listen to them why don't you asked and hear it straight from the horses mouth instead of some rats ratty talk.

I really do not want our relationship to be tainted by some ratty talks even from a close source. Our relationship was build with trust and although there are some secrecy we need to withheld from each other, sometimes it for our safety as well.

We understand each other and most definitely we wanted it to be that way. We do not want to mislead or mistrust either one of us. We are each other's help and we need each other to be each other's wing man.

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