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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Adult Like

It’s almost their birthdays and we asked them what do they want to do. A simple go to church hear mass, be thankful and bookstore are all they answered us. They want to have a party but would rather have a intimate family gathering. We are willing to have a small party with their special friends but instead they want to have with family and cupcakes for their classmates will be fine.

Their birthdays are a week apart from each other and so we would have a joined party as always cause the visitors will all be the same and so we run the plan with them and the guest list and the menu and all but they just smiled and said Mom… Dad… let’s just keep it simple and a dinner with just the four of us will do.

They are your typical kids who loves to play football, basketball, soccer, computer games, Wii, PSP, Playstation and the likes but when it comes to celebrating their special day they would rather keep it simple and keep the cost down. For that I am so thankful when their adult kind of thinking kicks in.

Being a parent you want to give the best to your kids and anything as much as possible that you can afford that their heart desires. The only thing that they want so badly is to visit their Lola Inday in Cebu for which we cannot grant at this time. We need to save for the trip alone will cost us an arm and leg and not to mention the rest of it. They understood and help in saving whatever they can to chip in for the cost.

We still have a long way to go to reach our goal but we will get there somehow. Being a parent I am just so thankful that my kids are thinking somehow like an adult when it comes to their future. They are simple kids with simple needs.

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