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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Doctor Visit

As much as I can remember doctor visits for me are such delight. I never get scared or jittery when visiting our pedia back when I was a little bit smaller. Injections never scare me either. I love visiting my pedia back then and an announced that I got a doctor’s appointment is like going to a candy shop.

But, yesterday was a different kind of feeling. And for once in my life the word “doctor visit,” did scare me a lot. I felt like my body was frozen and my mind wants to run away from the place where I am at. I had an appointment at 1:00 P.M. with the cardiologist. They need to scan my heart and check for my murmurs. The Dx was new onset hypertension with history of heart murmur and possible cardiomyopathy. Of course, I understood the whole thing although I am not in medschool, I did my research and studied the heart for future references. When the my primary physician mention this to me, she even asked me “Do you want me to explain that to you?” and I just smiled and answered her it’s ok Doctor, I think I know what cardiomyopathy means. I am not being mean but I guess I was shocked and just wanted to go home and hug my family. My Dad had a quad bypass already and I know it surely will run in the family and little did I know that it might be me.

And so the technician did her things and from the way she was assessing me, it seems like she found some interesting things that the cardiologist will be explaining to me. I am scared when all was done but I am hoping and praying that whatever they discover and found out it can be repair with the help of medications and exercise. I thought that I was doing good but again it runs in the family so I guess I got to double up the effort.

The good news is that my blood pressure was normal. It read 120/80 unlike the past weeks it was soaring high and higher. I guess I am responding well with the medicine that my primary physician has given me.

And so I dressed up and thanked the technician and she asked one more thing. Are you taking some blood pressure medications? Now that question raised an eyebrow on my part. I just knew that she found something and was wondering why my blood pressure was so normal. But I am still hoping that whatever I am feeling is just that I was scared and nervous of the whole process.

The whole 20 minutes that I was lying there I thought of my kids and hubby and I was scared and had to be strong for them. Then I realize how hard it is to be a sick Mom. Doctor visits will never be the same again. As of now I am so eager to see my primary physician but the only scheduled that I can get is on the 19th.

Well, I got to be patient and wait for that day to came and be ready for the results. Wish me luck!

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