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Friday, February 01, 2008

For real

My kids got their 1st website through I.PH and I helped them but sooner or later they flanked big time for they weren't that active to post on their thoughts or what's bothering them and maybe since I have been with them through it again.

My eldest will be 15 and 9 is the youngest. I should be concern that my boy is growing up too fast and people even think that we are siblings or he is my boyfriend. (flattering but I know that I am not that young looking.) But he looks mature and big for his age. We joke about it him and the "girls" all I was asking is that his grades will not flank and we will be fine.

But if one grade goes down then he can say goodbye to his chikas. And so far he has been at keep his promise and keep his grades high. Like any mother's out there we want our babies to be our babies but we can't help it if they want to meet the opposite sex and mingle with them as along as they are safe and boundaries are set.

And so far it has been that way. A 15 year old man who will always be my baby. I asked him a long time if he wants to have a friendster or myspace account and all he said was, Maybe in a few more years cause he ain't ready yet?

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