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Thursday, February 14, 2008

He did it again...

He did it again. Twice already and still gives me goosebumps!(kilig to the buto buto.) As always V Day is a let’s just celebrate it next week kind of a thing and why? It’s not that we do not have time, it a lot less crowded, the restaurants are more welcoming, the parking space and even the valet are more quick but cautious. A lot of million things and a whole lot of time to plan. But the usual I got him a card, a card that according to him as if I wrote the whole thing. Here’s what the card says:

For My Husband

Our story is a good story.
We met. We fell in love….

We began to make a home
and a life together
with too many toasters
and not enough closet space
plus the usual assortment
of little habits, moods and quirks
that all couples have…

Days came and went.
Sometimes we didn’t agree
on chores or take-out dinners
or which movies to see,
but those were little things.
We worked them out
because we loved each other.

At other times we got caught up
in bills and family crises
and worries at work.
Those were the big things,
but we found ways to work them out, too,
because we loved each other…..

And as I think about the fun stuff
we’ve shared so far,
and even the not-so-fun stuff,
I really feel lucky
that you’re my Valentine.
my partner, my love.

It’s a good story
(My favorite, in fact.)

He swept me again and time again it’s always a pleasure and a great surprise. We just discussed this overnight that instead of having dinner tonight we will do it over the weekend for the restaurant wait will not be that long and it’s a lot calmer and welcoming. We dream and slept while hugging each other.
Greeted each other the next day which is Valentine’s Day and little did I know he got something up on his sleeves.

He gave me my favorite pink roses but his comment as always, Is this the right one and color? and I just smiled. I am very picky when it comes to the colors of my roses and when I say pink it doesn’t have to be pink. You know what I mean. I know I am a little bit complicated and very choosy with the color — Pink! When I find the picture I will surely post it here. I love pink and white roses.

And so since I was caught off guard with his plan. He asked me if I can be ready in 15 minutes and the kids will be taken cared off. And off I went and just in nick of time was ready to have a dinner date with my prince charming. This time without the kids and for the first time we do not know what to do and where to eat. We are so used too with the kids with us and helping us pick the restaurant. We tried several of them and the wait is about 2 hours and we did left before 6 pm. And so we ended eating at CPK not bad at all the wait, 45 minutes. We went shopping a little bit and by the time we came back we were seated immediately. Enjoyed our dinner and had a lot of things to talk about. It ended as a great night.

Went home early around 9 pm for it was so cold outside to even stroll. Had some wine, talk a lit bit more, tuck the kids in and you know what’s next.

Hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day! I surely did had one….

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