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Sunday, February 10, 2008

I Do All Over

Sunday has always been a special day to me…. for it’s family day. Growing up weekends will always be spent with friends and cousins and Sunday with the Lord. A day my family comes together, hear mass, brunch and telling stories of what could have been…. of our dreams as a family.

Today’s Sunday mass went well and while hearing mass the priest said, “All married couples please remain standing.”and so we did and little did we know it’s World Marriage Day and the priest began reading and blessings the married couples who were present and we said our I Do’s all over again.

When saying the verses of to have and to hold, for richer and poorer, for sickness and in health and felt like I was saying it for the first time. It felt like I was brought back to that day. The very day almost how many years ago when I became his wife and him as my husband. We hold our hands and look deeply at each others eyes and little did I know a tear of happiness drop and we kissed. This time around our kids were there to witness our love and devotion for each other. A promised we kept and kept going and growing.

They were smiling and giggling when all of ceremony and blessings ended. We felt much happier that they were there looks like we got their blessings. I can’t get tired of saying I Do all over again with the man of my life. He is everything to me that the imperfect world has given me. He is not the typical Knight in Shining Armour but most definitely is he a great provider, father and a wonderful husband.

We are two imperfect couple molded into one with our own unique and perfect reality world. With our love, family, friends, kids, trust, caring, understanding, patience and forgiving each other with our mistakes we strive to make this imperfect world a perfect one for our family and ourselves.

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