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Sunday, February 17, 2008

I see them...

Had a great time at the park yesterday and got tons of books and movies for the kids to be busy with. A lot of people at the park. There were a lot of games and parties at the park. Saw some familiar faces and played with the kids til they drop and whine to go home already for they are so tired and hungry. The plan work and as soon as we got home they ate a little bit washed up and gone to dreamland.

While giving my daughter her shower (bubble bath shower) she told me out of the blue that Mom, I can see them.See who, anak? And she replied with sighing and frustrations them Ma. And I told her you know what hurry up and when you are all dress then tell me the whole story again. And she did.

It started in school a couple of weeks ago but she didn’t bother to let me know for she was confused and puzzled of what is going on. As she told me she can see transparent people bumping into normal and people and they come out fine like as if nothing happen. Of course, she is so scared and that explains the many nights she want to sleep with us and plus what’s going on with me. She even told me that a boy is asking for her help and she said I have to ask my parents if I am allowed to help you and now the boy is like her shadow and asking her endless help.

Now as a parent I am scared for my daughter’s life and what the boy really wants from her. Help in what? Did the boy’s spirit a wanderer and needs peace and that is why she is asking my 9 year old daughter for help. If ever she can really see them, what would you do as a parent?

Honestly, my first encounter with the other kind was when I was 7 years old. I saw a floating white lady up on my headboard. I looked at her and she smiled at me and I blinked and she was gone. A lot of that followed when I was growing and when I came to America it heightens. I am still scared especially if they pop in in an unexpected way and still startled me somehow. Even, my hubby had an unusual experienced when I was with him and I didn’t even acknowledged it and just ignored it.

So, I told my hubby and apparently he knew about this already. He didn’t told me yet for he wants our daughter to tell me of what’s going on. Apparently, while playing at the park, the boy was there and my daughter said he can’t come inside for Mommy said something and he can’t.

So far whoever this boy is he seems to be a restless spirit who wants company and happens to have a sister. So I guess that explains why he is so fun with my daughter but needless to say I am still scared of what could might happened and others might think that my daughter is crazy. I just told her that just ignore them and pray that their souls may rest it peace and let them know that you are not fine with them hanging around with you.

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