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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ice Cream

When we got home yesterday after a long day at the park, we all want something cold —– ice cream! Knowing upon that as we get home that hubby is back from work, we asked him if we can get some ice cream, he didn’t even bother and no answered at all.

I know he must have been wondering why all of a sudden I make some strange request and to think I can do this all by myself and why include him in it. Strange? Not really I was just making lambing kaya…..

We ate, drank and watched movie and they left with his brother and an hour later got back and I asked again Daddy, can we get some ice cream? and he replied you want to scream go ahead and scream. He was making fun of my can we get some ice cream request. Little did he know that my patience is running low from asking him properly of the same request for how many hours ago.

I just sat quietly and watched something interesting and then a few hours after he said come on get ready we will get some ice cream and that’s about 7:45 PM and as always be hurriedly got ready and waited again and again until I couldn’t anymore and went to the room and slept on them. They did tried to wake me up but because I got my tantrums rolling I ignored them ad we all ended up with no ice cream. I went to sleep as early as 8:00 PM for I was just so pissed off, patience so low and still no ice cream.

I rarely asked something and when I do I can wait for a couple of hours but not 6 hours with no exact answer. I did try to be patient and for something that it can be done in 30 minutes or less I guess I was patient enough. So I went to sleep hungry for a tiramisu ice cream from Baskin Robbins and hopefully today I can fulfill my hunger for an ice cream.

I am such a spoiled brat huh! Naglalambing lang naman ako sa honey ko eh pero deadma naman sya. Minsan talaga ang mga lalaki parang bato at hindi alam kung kelan naglalambing ang mahal nila... :)

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