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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sunny Saturday

Last night went pretty well. Although Poker was kinda delayed and almost cancelled due to lucking of players, they manage and went on with it. They call the night around 30 minutes past midnight.

Dinner was served as early as 6 pm. Drank a glass of wine or two and watched the kids as they played and switched to watching some tagalog movies. For some reason I guess I was just tired that I feel asleep and got up as early as 5 am today.

Hubby went to work and I am with the kids. As they got up so early, they just told me it’s ok Mom you can rest and sleep more. We will be fine. Which I did and I got up at around 11 AM. We will be leaving in a little while going towards the library and park. Gotta enjoy the sunny day we are having.

Plans for tonight… Not really. We do not make plans anymore especially on the weekends for we just go with the flow. It’s alot better that way. We just hop inside the car and follow the road wherever it will take us.

I am taking some time off the bed rest that I am having and let the kids roam around the park until they are tired and weary and ready to go home and sleep.

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