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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday Rolls

Another hot day for us and a busy day for me. I went to movie marathon mode and tired myself of watching movies that I have been missing. Baduy na kung, but I miss a lot of Filipino movies and some English ones too. Endless crying , laughter and scaring myself.

While watching, got to prepare dinner ahead of time and cleaned up so I didn’t really sat down and watched the whole movie but, surely I know over the weekend we will all be in movie marathon mode. Most especially that Monday is a no school day.

A lot of things to be thankful and a lot of things to think of. I am really scared of what the results will be on the echocardiogram. Even though, my kids are greatly affected by it. I could sense that they are scared that whatever the results would be will I be able to function as I am right now or things will change. My eldest seems to be so cool and acting so tough but since that echocardiogram day, there is never a day that he leaves for school that he doesn’t hug me as tight as a bear. My daughter is puzzled and kinda in dazed of what’s going on. She has been sleeping with us for the past few weeks.

I myself is more scared of what the results will be and praying that it can be cured through medicines and the new technologies of science. I am worried for my kids future and will my hubby be able to live up and care for them like I did. Well, I know not like I do but will he be able to make it and live to the best of my expectations? Knowing him he will struggle but he will not fail me.

Each day is a much special day than the rest of the day I spent with my loved ones not that the previous days weren’t. Each day are doubled special for who knows what might happen tomorrow and that is what I am teaching my kids. If you can do it today, then do it for tomorrow is another day and who knows what tomorrow might bring in to all of us. Make sure that your bedroom is always fixed and never leave the house not clean and tidy. For who might get some unexpected visitors and you will be scrambling to straighten things up. Simple things that I have live by and passing it to my kids.

I keep praying that He will give me enough time to finish and pursue some of my dreams but I am more than welcome if my time ends here. I am embracing it with all of my heart for if it is your time, it’s your time.

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