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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Yesterday’s doctor visit went well and I am so pleased with the ECG results. Although, something came up with the routine checked up. Seems like the bump I had since high school grew to be very visible to the touch and sometimes hurts a lot.

The doctor ordered some chest x-rays and whatever the results are she can’t give me a diagnosis yet but according to her seems like lymphoma. She even mentioned that I might have a biopsy for my own peace of mind.

Another doctor’s visit and another unknown diagnosis. Don’t you think that I am getting paranoid visiting my doctor again. She has ordered a lot of things on me chest x-rays, allergy test screening and stress test.

Well, I just hope that I will get a whole lot better soon and after all of these are done. Need to revamped my exercise routine a lot more. She added depending on my stress test results, I might have to enroll myself and be helped my fitness expert to help strengthen my body and etc….

Good thing and thankful for that my ex sister in law was there with me through the whole process. It’s really nice to know that you can lean on to somebody no matter. Thanks, Tita P.

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