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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Walking To School...

Mommy, is walking to school poor? This is what my daughter asked me this morning. I was shocked and asked her where did she heard this? She quickly replied I overheard one of my friends saying that walking too school means that you are poor. For goodness sake! Little did I know that walking to school is considered poor.

There are days we enjoyed walking to school and it’s like two blocks away from where we live. Why drive when you can get quality time and exercise at the same time and a lot of kids and parents walks to school for the neighborhood is quite safe and traffic rules are follow (sometimes.)

But I assured her that there is nothing wrong with being poor. What’s the point of being rich if you got nothing inside your head right?! And she just hugged me and smiled and said I am fine with being poor cause I got a family who loves and care for me. I almost fell on my knees and my heart was just filled with love. I shed a tear for I know I raised two wonderful kids who knows what’s the value of family and money.

Makes me wonder why did that kid said such thing that walking to school is being poor?

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