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Saturday, March 01, 2008


Today, she turns 9. Another year that my baby is slowly turning and growing to be one fine young lady. She is so simple and wants to celebrate her special day with family ONLY! Her special request includes baking with Mom, playing at the park with Kuya and Daddy and dinner with family.

She wants a new kitchen (her old one was donated a long time ago for needy space) and a new bike (her old bike is too small on her already). When I asked her which ones does she really want to have first she exclaimed the kitchen, of course Mom! She loves Hannah Montana but no Hannah Montana things or paraphernalia from her. She loves girly stuff but not too much. She loves too play soccer, basketball and football. She loves stuff animals but her allergies are fighting with her. She loves fashion so much that she got more clothes, bags and shoes than me. Just imagine that.

As she turns 9 a new set of responsibilities are also growing with her and I asked her are you ready for the new set of responsibilities you will be tackling and she proudly says, Yes Mom I am so ready for it.

My little girl is not so little anymore. She has grown to be one responsible kid and top of her class. She is happy and a joy to have. I love you, Kikay!

Happy Birthday, Francheska!!!

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Blogger Cielo berkata...

Happy Bday Francesca,

you are now entering the first phase of teenage years...enjoy the transition..enjoy life, enjoy your entry to your teenage year.

10:19 PM  
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Anonymous Chette berkata...

Congrats! When Time flies... hehe ^^ oh btw here! My Blog has moved to a new location :D http://blessedchette.net/ Please be my

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