Of Beginnings and Beyond

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Funny thing about blogging we sometimes fear that we might offend others and sometimes not really blog of what we should blog about in the first place. I admit and I am one of them. I sometimes derail my thoughts and blog about something else instead, fearing that someone might recognize the person I am blogging about or the situation.

But then I learn that I should just blog away and may it be shallow it might inspire somebody else out there. Shallow or not this is why I log on to blog about.

As you can see some of my blogs got sense and others are just gibberish of my thoughts when I am so drained and just pissed off. When I am mad I can’t think straight and most especially when I am hurt. When I mean hurt that it’s happening all over again and again. Like a nightmare that doesn’t stop.

People who knew me think that I am that strong, willed kind of a woman. (Kaya nya yan sya pa!) She can handle that she is strong! Yeah, right! I already broke down a couple of times but before of the people that surrounds me I stood up and fought back again and each time I fall I always make sure that I can get up again and fight all over with all of my heart.

People have step on me and left me for dead but look who’s here — I am alive and fighting! Who said that life is easy. Life is never easy but I made it easy for I took the first step and made it to where I am today. I may not be a degree holder or has a job that is worth to kill for but I am happy of where my life has took and I know I will have a blast for many more years to come.

I also have learned to think positive in all aspects in life. It might sounds impossible but we can dream of big and grand things. Why not start now! And so as I sleep at night I always look forward of tomorrow for tomorrow is another and part of my big and grand dream. That one day I will be able to fulfill.

Think positive and Dream big and grand!

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