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Sunday, April 20, 2008


Ever since I can remember when one of my cousin’s visited Cebu a million years ago and brought with her a funny looking album of pictures in it and some weird things. I asked her to teach me how to do it and after a gazillion years later the word Scrapbook or Scrapbooking was flying out of everyone’s mouth.

I have made projects some are finished and others are on a working mode. Literally, I am a trash picker and would literally dive for sales when it comes. I have a savings just dedicated for scrapbooking cause when they go on sale, they are really on sale!

I got my supplies on clearance aisle and I have never bought anything that is not on sale. Yes, and others are even a gift and was a up for grabs kind of a thing. I have still a long way to go with my supplies and all.

And then digital scrapbooking came out and all you have to do is pick your template and embellishments and drag your pictures and your done. Well, with all due respect I like digital scrapbooking also but nothings beats all the hard worked of cutting, pasting, gluing, paper cuts, your hair with glue and some unidentified objects on your hair.

I still love to sit down for a couple of hours of cutting, pasting and all of those stuff and see your hard earned project being appreciated until my hands ache no more. And this time I got 2 projects scheduled and if I can push through I might add one more.

It all comes down on how my mind will help me with my creativity, how long will my hands handle all the cutting and pasting and gluing and how my patience will stand still.

Wish me luck and I hope I can finish my projects! Enjoy scrappin’.

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