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Wednesday, April 02, 2008


You are not grieving.

I heard a lot of not so good comments over the weekend.

And I beg to differ that we are not grieving.

Then I wonder and I asked myself, how do we grieve?

Is there a formula out there on how to grieve the correct way?

Are there steps to take and follow for us to grieve the way other people wants to see us?

Are there correct ways on how to grieve to make it look like we are grieving?

I know and understand that we grieve in different ways.

In ways we feel comfortable and so different from each other.

I can say that I am grieving in my own ways.

As I am blogging about his death and his life,

this is one of my ways of grieving.

We are still grieving of our loss.

An untimely death that was so full of life.

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