Of Beginnings and Beyond

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Looking back...

I have been blogging here and there but I come to realized that blogspot has and have been my home. I feel at peace and at ease. For some reasons I know I have neglected blogging here but then again as I was reading was I blog about. I came to realized that blogspot was something different.

I blog at friendster, multiply, wordpress, even i.ph and a whole lot more sites but then again I have stop blogging at blogspot for some obvious reason (stalkers).

Sorry, not anymore for I am not scared of afraid of what my fingers will form the thoughts that my brain will input. Life might be a little in chaos but it's more in tune with what's going on.

After, a long absence and of being in silence I will spill any beans that comes my way. May it be good or not so good you will be able to read all of them here.

I am no longer living in fear or pretending to be somebody else. This is me! Whether you like it or not.... :)

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