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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Putting up a good fight...

We have a very strange relationship of love and hate and because he is part of the family, it's unconditional that I also love, respect and was able to forgive him. It's been awhile since that faithful night that he told of us that it was over. I still remember what I was wearing and seated by the window with the him on the other line. As he told me of what's going on I was just shock I guess and just literally listen try my best to hold back the tears of hopelessness, of being abandon, of being left behind and honestly that same night my dreams where shattered into tiny bits of unrecognized pieces.

That night after I hanged up the phone, I was in limbo world and felt like I was lost. Literally, for how many days I starved myself for I got no appetite to face the world with broken dreams, broken promises and a broken life. I was lost at sea with no land in sight and I know that same night life will be different. I have lost a lot of things, friends and family of what had happened. But then again because of the faithful night I also have learned who my true friends are.

They stood with me through the typhoons and hurricanes that came our way. Our bridge was weak but because of friends like them they helped us build a stronger bridge so that we will be able to continue to fight back with life.

I fell a million times but I never forget to slowly raise and fight back and hard like there's no tomorrow. Life is tough but we got to face it with our head up high and make new experiences for through life's experiences we will become tougher and able to understand of why life is not fair.

I have put up a good fight in my journey and continues to raised each time I fall.

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