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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


After I got off from work yesterday Hubby started yapping about some gathering and their Christmas party that got canceled. Sad to say but I wasn't up to any talking or whatsoever. I was so tired and just wanted a quite time on our way home but instead I got something else.

All the way home I sat there in silence. He knows that while I was sitting still and in silence I do not agree with their upcoming plan with one of his co-workers. I might sound so unfair and unreasonable but honestly it's been how many months that I have been begging the whole family to help me out in cleaning and have our place ready for the holiday.

Instead, I ended up cleaning it myself and our place is not even ready. Not even for a small party. Just imagine that!

And here comes Friday for poker and another weekend with some of his co-workers and the next weekend after that is already the Thanksgiving weekend and Christmas is definitely around the corner.

So where's our time to get things ready?

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