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Thursday, January 01, 2009


Hello New 2009!!! Definitely another New Year with another set of new resolutions. Hoping that this year I will be able to fulfill all of my resolutions.

* Eat less carbs
* Get physically healthy at least 3 times a week.
* Let mess linger longer. That’s how of a OCD I am that I can’t stand messy places most especially our home.
* Be stricter with the kids, a notch high won’t hurt. Because I am so lenient when it comes to them.
* Save a little bit more so I can splurged on things I need not want or of both
* Visit Philippines by 2010 with the rest of the family.
* Learn to dance again. Like what they say once a dancer forever you will be one…
* Be patient with a lot of things and try to be vocal in a nice and respectful way (if there is such a thing)
* Work less and party more
* More road trips or family vacation
* Be more understanding and compassionate with others
* Be selfish sometimes
* Be able to serve the Lord more than just Sundays
* Be able to get a house of close to our dreams, a beach house would be nice and a condo/townhouse is not bad at all.
* Be able to afford and not be broke when done in getting my DSLR of my dreams, A Nikon perhaps… given would be awesome but not counting on it…

To be continued...

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